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Year of development: 2022
Funding: Fundación Multitudes


With the guidelines of Fundación Multitudes to firmly protect and strengthen democracy, we wish to investigate, inform, monitor and denounce the dissemination of disinformation and its impact on democratic processes, especially disinformation as a form of violence against women who participate in decision making. To measure one aspect of this phenomenon, we conducted a survey of the members of the Chilean Constitutional Convention in office during the year 2022, in order to know their experience with disinformation and to make this type of aggression visible. In addition, this exercise aims to contribute with mechanisms to stop the delegitimization of this unprecedented process in Chile through disinformation campaigns.


To learn about the experiences and stories of Chilean members of the Constituent Convention in relation to the delegitimization suffered due to disinformation campaigns, data breaches and fake news.


A survey was conducted using a quantitative methodology to measure the experience of candidates and former candidates and seeking to perform an inferential probabilistic analysis in order to generalize the findings. 

The following procedure was used to send the survey:

  • Three e-mails with the survey to all Convention members to their institutional addresses.
  • A request for a lobbying hearing was made to 110 Convention members via the online Lobby Platform.
  • WhatsApp messages to Convention members and advisors.
  • Reminders through the institutional mail of the Convention members and/or their advisors.
  • A face-to-face visit to the Convention headquarters.


28 men (43.8%) and 36 women (56.3%) responded to the survey.

The average age of the respondents was 44.8 years old. 5 people are in the LGBT+ community, 3 women and 2 men.

73.4% have been subject to disinformation or fake news against them.

Women were 1.75 times more likely to be victims of disinformation and fake news in the Convention's work

61% of women were victims of disinformation and fake news against them.

They suffered disinformation attacks on their political work and family life.

43.7% men were victims of disinformation and fake news against them

They suffered disinformation attacks due to issues of professional area, patrimony and moral misconduct.