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World Justice Challenge 2022 Honorable Mention: The Women’s Observatory Against Disinformation and Fake News

Fundación Multitudes is ecstatic to announce that the Women’s Observatory Against Disinformation and Fake News has been awarded with the World Justice Challenge 2022 honorable mention in the Equal Rights and Non-Discrimination category. This year, the World Justice Challenge received 305 submissions representing 118 countries and chose ten projects to receive this honor.

The World Justice Challenge 2022 is a global competition to identify, recognize, and promote good practices and high-impact projects and policies that protect and advance the rule of law. In the wake of the pandemic, rule of law performance has deteriorated globally, and communities are falling behind in their Sustainable Development Goals. The Challenge chose entries based on their effective strategies and abilities to properly address the global backsliding of proper rule of law.

The Women’s Observatory Against Disinformation and Fake News is a research-based advocacy model that aims to change the political and digital system through the monitoring of the dissemination of disinformation as a form of digital and gender-based violence, created to delegitimize women participating in public life. As a general objective, this project seeks to support current and future women-led political leadership and ensure the integrity of democratic processes in the context of the digital age. Likewise, we seek to recognize, analyze and evaluate disinformation campaigns against women that are politically active in order to create suggestions to prevent and mitigate the impact of this form of gender-based violence.

As an honorable mention, the Women’s Observatory of Disinformation and Fake News will be showcased at the World Justice Forum 2022: Building More Just Communities, which will take place May 31 – June 2 in The Hague, Netherlands. We are honored to receive this award and look forward to using the World Justice Challenge as a platform to continue advancing women’s rights.

Learn more about the Women’s Observatory Against Disinformation and Fake News

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